Judy Allen

“Sarah is knowledgeable, empowering and motivates others to pursue their passions and achieve their goals. I have seen Sarah help start ups, young entrepreneurs, stagnant business owners with guidance and support needed to get on track with goal setting and increasing clientele.

Sarah has been a powerful rock, providing constant support, encouragement and real life/business advice. Telling me truths, not necessarily what I want to hear. She is a listening ear through my struggles, with positive input and is a great example of a successful business person.

One of the stand out qualities about Sarah, is her calm nature, bringing a quiet assurance to her workshops (Ie not arrogant or me, me, me) and a belief in others.”

Nicole James
Fundamental Nutrition

“Sarah is passionate, self-driven and extremely knowledgeable about how to balance life, money and health.  Dealing with people’s money as an accountant for many years, she saw the one-dimensional area of life that she was dealing with and further developed her skills holistically understanding that finances are only one part of the puzzle for a fulfilled and happy/healthy life.This shines through in her presentations and having known Sarah personally for 10 years, she most certainly practices what she preaches.  I have been involved with Sarah as a tax accountant, as a business motivator and as a friend and admire her approach to all aspects of her life – simplicity, honesty and motivating.

Sarah keeps it real and comes highly recommended to those who want guidance on how to balance life through finance, mental strength, organisation and lifestyle.”

Nicole Evans
Brisan Accounting

“I was fortunate to meet Sarah Reimann at an accounting networking event in May 2017.  I have since attended a dinner where Sarah was the presenter and found her presentation informative and inspirational. Sarah is personable and professional as an Accountant and public speaker and is also a dedicated business owner. It is evident Sarah is passionate in assisting other business owners to face their challenges and grow their businesses using her career and life experiences.”

Kylie Noble
Vision Academy of Dance

“Sarah is inspiring, motivating & professional. She has shown kindness & professionalism always and has supported and motivated me to grow my business into a successful one. She is a role model to me not just in business, but I aspire to be like her one day. I have watched Sarah for years and seen her grow in so many ways as a person and into a fabulous business woman.”

Julie Attard
Beyond Bank Salisbury

“I would describe Sarah as an approachable, authentic and intelligent woman who loves to speak on topics that help her community. Working and knowing Sarah after many years, I love her likemindedness and would recommend that if you are a woman in business, wanting to help your community with an entrepreneurial spirit – Sarah will be a great mentor for you.”

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