You get that cashflow is king. You understand that it is time you know your numbers. You’ve seen the value of how others create long lasting client relationships. You started with so much confidence but loosing money through mistakes has squashed you mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • Where is all my money going?
  • How do I get clients to appreciate and pay fo my worth and value?
  • How do I shift my money mindset?

These workshops are tailored for you.

I love results and numbers. I’m driven by action and so my workshops are all about a productive and positive vibe and change in the room - I am not about overwhelming you with more information about your problem. I’m all about delivering a vision and the training you need with educational workshops designed around creating a wealthy and healthy life. Find a workshop and begin to take control of your life and gain business results today.

Make time out now to work ON your Business instead of IN it - Like Peter Nicholls did - a Natural Life Transitions Mentor.

As I am a self-employed person who has long seen accounts-keeping as a necessary evil. I felt Sarah’s warm and engaging approach to questions and discussions during the workshop helped me greatly. I am going to take a new approach to incorporating my accounting requirements into my business development portfolio.

Peter Nicholls

Find a workshop that best suits your needs

Where did all my money go?

Do you struggle to know or understand where all your money is going?
Is keeping up with debt repayments a burden?
How do you manage to meet your monthly expenses?
Are you drowning in paperwork or time resources?
What is the key role of record and book keeping in your business?
Not sure where to start with a financial strategy?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What financial mistakes you could be making right now
  • The concept of financial literacy and why that is important
  • Record keeping and the advantages of cloud accounting software
  • Understanding a balance sheet and profit & loss
  • Know how to read a financial report
  • How to get Cashflow confident with strategies you can put instantly in place
  • How to reduce financial stress and move into a positive money mindset

The Business Planning Roadmap to Success

Need a business reality check?
Have you lost direction and focus about what value your business can offer?
Having ongoing problems with your time management and staff?
Want to put a simple plan in place with proven business strategies?
Need to change your mindset so that your business can grow and profit?

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to focus on your business and personal objectives
  • How to develop a vision, mission and values statement
  • Create a simple one page business plan to get clear on your direction
  • Develop a one-page action plan to accelerate growth
  • Know what mindset and business barriers to change

The Trusted Female Advisor

Are you an accountant, bookkeeper, mortgage broker, financial planner, in banking, conveyancing or another type of corporate finance role?
Overworked? Putting in the long hours and never feeling appreciated?
Struggling to get your clients to see your real value?
Can't seem to see any business opportunities that really matter?
The delegation is real - is it always just easier if you do it?
Do you just need access to some clarity and confidence in your business?

In this workshop you will:

  • How to present a polished, confident and professional image
  • How to communicate your value to clients
  • How to lead and delegate effectively
  • The value of creating lasting relationships with clients and peers
  • How to manage your mental & physical health